65 years of specialized parts and mechanics

Since our beginnings in 1959, we’ve established ourselves as mechanics and essential parts specialists for heavy, light duty and industrial vehicles.


We are proud to celebrate 65 years of services and to highlight great moments of our history, recognizing the men and women who contributed to our success. Thank you for entrusting your vehicles to our experts throughout the years.

1959 - Freno



Freno is the result of a venture carried out in 1959 by Yvon Faust, an entrepreneur with a vision who managed to leverage the technological innovations in mechanical engineering. The professional mechanic set out to launch his own company specializing in brake solutions for trucks and trailers.


By the 1960s, the company made a name for itself and attracted new customers by converting hydraulic braking systems to a hybrid pneumatic/hydraulic system. At the time, air brakes were just beginning to replace hydraulics.


In 1990, Freno added suspension and steering maintenance and repair to its line of services.


Formerly known as Montreal Nord Brakes Service, and later renamed Services de freins Montréal, the company’s name comes from the Spanish word for “brake”. Freno is also a combination of the French words “brake” (frein) and “new” (nouveau). By 1979, Freno became the trademark for the company’s famous remanufactured blue brakes.

1977 - Radiateurs Anjou - Décarie



To offer a comprehensive range of specialized mechanical services, Freno made the acquisition of Radiateurs Décarie (founded in 1977) and Radiateurs Anjou (founded in 1979). Under these subsidiaries, Freno managed to build up the largest inventory of radiators and fuel tanks for heavy vehicles in Quebec. Today, the company carries all makes and types of models, and offers refurbishment, machining and maintenance services for all cooling systems and fuel tanks.

1988 – Embrayages ES



Freno already had the required specialists, expertise, and equipment. So, in the 1970s it decided to add clutch system solutions to its list of services. Today, under the Embrayages ES subsidiary, launched in 1988, Freno has established itself as the choice clutch specialist for heavy trucks and industrial equipment in Montreal and Quebec, offering specialized mechanical parts and services with an extended warranty.

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